The More You Know: Natural Gas

Natural gas is an efficient and safe method of powering the services within your home. The more you know about natural gas, the better off you will be in maintaining the effectiveness of its use. There are many things to consider when using natural gas in your home as its use varies from heating, water, appliances and even barbecues. Learn all about natural gas and you will be able to maintain the highest level of safety for everyone in your home.

If you detect an odour make sure you follow up on it immediately. Unusual odours can sometimes be a gas leak, especially if it smells like rotten eggs. Ensure that all appliances are off and get away from the building if the smell persists. Alarms should be installed to detect high levels of carbon monoxide but shouldn’t be relied on as they can be faulty from time to time. Contact your gas provider and if you don’t know that number, you can call 9-1-1 for more information regarding a potential gas leak in your home. The presence of gas can be ignited into a fire or explosion from a small spark so it is essential you leave the environment where the odour was detected.

Check the pilot light and check if the blue light is steady on your furnace if you suspect something may be wrong with your heating system. If the blue light is not steady or it is not present, then you may have an issue with your natural gas heating system. Have all gas appliances, chimneys and ventilation checked for blockages and avoid places any obstructions to allow for easy access to the energy source.

Keep instruction manuals as they provide instructions for troubleshooting gas appliances and instruct you on safety precautions when investigating these issues. If you get educated on natural gas and make sure there is at least one multipurpose fire extinguisher in your home, then you are sure to be able to overcome any issue that can be faced when using natural gas in your home.

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