Natural Gas: The Most Popular Energy Source

The number and ways to use natural gas have grown exponentially in recent years and its value has become a core aspect of our modern economy. Primarily made from methane, this gas is naturally occurring, created when layers of decomposing plant and animal matter are exposed to extreme heat and high pressure underground. Plants retain energy from the sun and this power is then stored as chemical bonds. These chemical bonds can be found and collected from deep underground.

A non-renewable resource, our ability to collect forms of natural gas is limited. There are different types of gases found in different areas depending on the depth that they can be found in the ground. Bogs and marshes create different types of gases than in other sediment beds. Natural gas is not to be confused with gasoline in cars. When we use it as fuel, it has already been pre processed to remove different impurities. This process creates a number of other gases like helium and nitrogen which are collected and used for other purposes.

Today, we use natural gas as the primary energy resource to power a number of daily mechanics. It is one of the most safe and effective energy sources available. If we continue at the current rate of gas consumption, there is only enough gas reserves to maintain power for another 250 years.In the grander scheme of things, this isn’t very long. The best way to make use of the powerful qualities in gas is to use them most efficiently. Natural gas in the home uses a larger percentage of the created energy than when using electricity but when referring to vehicles, electricity is the most efficient energy source. Making use of energy sources in their most efficient methods is the best way to maximize on our nonrenewable resources.

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