Environmental Impact: Why You Should Drive an Electric Car

Recently, the number of those seeking more environmentally friendly cars is increasing at an impressive rate. In the search for the most environmentally conscious method of travel, electric cars have become popular in today’s economy. Although electric cars provide a different experience than revving a gas engine, owners of electric vehicles are doing much more than saying goodbye to their massive carbon footprint.

Some people may enjoy the roar of a loud engine but there is a benefit to the quiet engine in an electric car. The only sound humming into your ears as you drive an electric car is the soft touch of your tires moving across the ground. Aside from simply being quiet, the electric car is your best chance at being the most energy efficient and living a green lifestyle. Individuals have put an increased importance on their role in the increased global warming and electric vehicles provides better options for environmentally conscious people.

Gas engines are known to be wasteful as they lose 62.4% of their fuel in heat while only 15% of the fuel is used to actually drive the vehicle. The rest of the energy is lost in the mechanics and friction involved in the movement of the vehicle while electric cars provide drivers with 90% efficiency of their energy resource. Although electricity tends to be more expensive, you’re using way more of its power than when you’re driving a gas vehicle.

The maintenance costs are lower as well as there are no oil changes, spark plugs or other small technical pieces that need regular attention like on a gas vehicle. Electric cars are made of parts that need changing less often such as their brakes. Dealers are also offering up to 8 year warranties on engines and parts that have never been available on gas vehicles. Lower your carbon footprint, ease up on your expenses and switch over to an electric car.

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