Signs that Your Appliance is Working Incorrectly

If you notice any changes in the way that an appliance is working, don't hesitate to get it checked as it could become a hazardous item within your home. Here are the most common signs of malfunction that you should look out for;

  1. increased condensation appearing on the inside of windows
  2. if the flame on your cooker is yellow or orange, it is faulty, the flame should always be blue
  3. if the pilot light often fails to ignite then it is faulty

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Gas Safety in the Home, in England, Scotland and Wales

Gas Safety in the Home

In the majority of homes in the UK there is a source of gas which will come from an appliance which should be frequently checked. You should get your gas appliances checked regularly by a qualified professional who is registered with Gas Safe.

The main dangers of gas when exposed are leaks, explosions which will break out into fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. This risks can be catastrophic which is why it is so important to always get your appliances checked if there are any signs of them being faulty.

The most common appliances in the home that will have a gas source are boilers, cookers and fireplaces. Usually at least one of these items will be used every day and even if it is only being used for a short amount of time, if there is a gas leak the short period of time used will be enough time to release a harmful amount of gas.

If you have found that one of your gas supplies appliances has become faulty, there are alternatives that can be installed as a replacement which doesn't require gas to function, there for reducing your concern about carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you want to know more about the alternatives that are available to gas appliances, have a look at you alternatives to gas page.